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Best Mega888 Bonus In Malaysia 2024

With Mega888 being one of the fastest-growing online casinos in Asia, there has to be a reason why this particular online casino has been so successful in attracting new players to join. There is a plethora of mega888 bonus types that new and old players alike can take advantage of. Apart from having a great customer support team, and many great games to choose from, it’s important to note another fact.

 Mega888 has a great deposit and withdraw option which can come in handy for many people. But like other popular online casinos. In this article, we’ll go over all of the promotions offered at Mega888, see exactly what they entail, and how you can make use of them.


Table of Contents

Mega888 Bonus Types

There are a few bonuses and options available at Mega888 that will increase your chances of winning additional prizes or award you different awards that will allow you to play certain games for free. Due to the great selection of bonuses and promotions, you are bound to find something that you like.

Mega888 150% Welcome Bonus

This is one of the first bonuses you will encounter as soon as you register an account at Mega888. As a bonus, this one is aimed at new players who have just joined the casino and want to take advantage of a great welcome bonus.

To take advantage of this bonus you need to register by using a special code upon sign-up. The process is simple, and it requires you to open your account settings and click on the “Transfer” option.

On the transfer, tab selects the wallet of your choice and select “Mega888” as the transfer destination. You will see Mega888 150% Welcome Bonus under the “Promo Code” option. Select it and you will have access to this great welcome bonus provided by Mega888 for new players.

This bonus will give you up to MYR 800 and a potential x8 win amount for using the code.

Some terms and conditions that apply to this bonus are:
• Only new players can access this bonus
• Newly registered members must complete eight turnovers before withdrawing the money
• Before withdrawing the funds you need to have deposited at least MYR 50 into your account
• Cancelled and draw bets will not be counted as valid bets
• The promotion is valid for 30 days after claiming the bonus

50% Daily Reload Bonus

This is a bonus that can be used by both new and recurring Mega888 players. The best thing about this bonus is that it’s available daily and can be used day by day. All you need to do to activate this bonus is to make a mega888 deposit of at least MYR 50 to your mega888  account.

Then go to your account and use the transfer option to transfer the amount from your wallet to your account by selecting “Daily Reload Bonus” under the promo code menu in your account. This promotion comes with a 50% bonus and a maximum bonus win of x7 and MYR 500.

Terms and conditions that apply specifically to this bonus are:
• Only one person per account can use the bonus
• All new members need to complete seven times turn over before withdrawing money
• Before withdrawing all members need to have deposited at least MYR 50
• All players can claim a maximum amount of MYR 500 every day

Mega888 Birthday Month Bonus

To prove their loyalty to the customers, Mega888 offers a birthday bonus that players can use during their birthday month. This bonus is only available during the birthday month of the player, according to the information he/she has provided on the website upon registration.

Furthermore, to take advantage of this bonus first you need to contact customer support and provide verification of your birthday, so the customer support team can indeed verify the date of your birthday. When your birthday is verified, you will be able to claim your bonus and proceed to use it.

After verification is complete your funds will be credited to your account.
This bonus comes with a max bonus win of MYR 180 and a win amount of x2.
Terms and conditions that apply to this bonus are:
• This bonus is only available during the birthday month of the player, and it can be claimed only once a month
• A turnover of one must be completed before being able to use the bonus

These are bonuses that apply specifically to this bonus, all other terms and conditions also apply.

Mega888 Referral Bonus

For referring your friends to Mega888 Apk casino you will be rewarded. An MYR 50 promotion can be yours for every friend that joins the casino. This is a great bonus as it allows you to constantly be rewarded for each new friend that joins the casino.

When you log in to your page your referral link can be found on your profile page under “Referral”. You can use this referral link to invite other players to join under your name. However, you will only be rewarded if the player you referred deposits MYR 600 in under 60 days.

However, that’s not all. Apart from the MYR 50 bonus, you will also be able to take part in the promotion and get additional rewards if the requirement has been completed within a month. About the completion of the milestone, you will be informed through the player account inbox.
Terms and conditions that apply to this bonus specifically are:

• If you successfully referred 15 or 30 friends you will receive a bonus reward of 400 or 800 respectively
• Members need to complete a turnover of 3 before withdrawing money to their bank account
• All of the bonus credits will be accredited after 7 days
• A minimum of MYR 50 must be deposited before any kind of withdrawal is made